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Phil Brown, P.E., President Brovm Engineering, P.C.

"This letter is to serve as a reference for Edwards Environmental Corporation (EEC) from Brown Engineering, P.C. of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

We have work with and employed Edwards Environmental Corporation (EEC) numerous times over the past Twenty-Seven (27) years. EEC has performed several Sanitary Sewer Evaluation, Sanity Sewer Lagoon Evaluations, Sludge Removal Projects and operational diagnosis of Sanitary Sewer Systems for Brown Engineering, P.C. during the course of this time. We have found EEC work to be excellent in detail and knowledge of the subject matter concerning thejobs they have perfonned. We have also found the information provided by EEC to be extremely valuable in our design and/or recommendation that we have given our clients.

We have found EEC to be extremely professional in all aspects of work including; lelationship with client and enginccr. We would highly recommend EEC to perform any of the above work for communities of individuals."

oklahoma city


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Edwards Environmental Corporation is dedicated to providing solutions for residential, commercial, oil & gas, industrial and municipal wastewater clients. We sell premium grade fertilizer, and produced water remediation, waste water treatment, agriculture applications, and septic system treatment.  Let us know how we can help you!

-George Edwards, President

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