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Wastewater Treatment


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  • Lower BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids)

  • Reduce oil, grease and sludge

  • Eliminate odors

  • Reduce sludge volume in the treatment facilities and lagoons

Clear Water Lake

Bio-Digester is specially formulated to enhance the natural biodegradation process of fats, oils and greases in grease traps and wastewater systems by accelerating the breakdown of grease and oil, sugars, and other proteins.  Bio-Digester non-bacterial formula does not require time to "grow" like many of the other products.  The Bio-Digester is immediately active once added to a trap.  This formula stimulates the naturally occurring micro-organisms present that are already acclimated to that particular grease trap or wastewater environment.  In addition this reduces odors associated with grease trap operation and wastewater systems.  This formula keeps traps and collection lines free flowing.

Bio-Digester, a biostimulant, accelerates the digestion of fats, oils and grease in grease traps, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems.  In addition, this bacterial stimulant reduces or eliminates odors by enhancing the resperation rate of the bacteria in the waste stream.

This product is used in wastewater treatment plants.  EECorp offers consulting services to wastewater plants with a certified wastewater operator licensed in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and elsewhere with 33+ years of experience.

bio-digester bottle

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