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Agricultural Applications

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The quality of the soil across a great part of the country continues to decline. The population of micro-organisms found in the soil has significantly been reduced due to various chemicals and fertilizers that have been introduced into the soil. This population of micro-organisms is essential to breaking down the nutrients (N-P-K), allowing plants and crops to absorb them. The excessive use of conventional fertilizers has created other soil concerns, such as an increase in salt and phosphate.

The analysis of soils treated with salt-based fertilizers and chemicals indicates that the beneficial bacteria are lacking, which indicates how fragile the soil environment really is.

Edwards Environmental Corporation (EECORP) provides to our valued customers Fertility Products, Soil Amendments and Nutrient Supplements scientifically engineered for maximum crop performance!

Barley Fields

Natural Solutions for Today's Agricultural Solutions

Breakthrough advances in humic acid production and the development of Humalite deliver nutrients, supplements and beneficial microbes in quantities never before available.  EECORP distributes a new generation of products for agricultural management.  EECORP responds to the needs of today's farmers with agricultural products that meet environmental demands while maintaining high yields, crop quality, and positive bottom line.

Quality yields depend on a complex interaction of soil, organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microbes.  Our products enrich this bio-environment without the use of chemicals, combining safe, easy handling with immediate and visible results.  Root growth, natural disease management, nutrient uptake - all are dramatically improved.

Modern agriculture has undergone transformations that can affect productivity.  Chemical run-off, ground water contamination, buildup of valuable nutrients unavailable to the plant, environmental damage from fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides - all led to regulations restricting the options farmers now have in bringing their crops to market profitably.

Enable farmers to maintain the eco-balance of their acreage, repair chemical damage to soil, and increase productivity in a sustainable, cost effective way.  We have created new opportunities for crop managers to succeed.

For further information and purchasing of products, please contact us.

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