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Are you tired of having dead spots of yellow grass on your lawn?

Look no further!

What is Pet Lawn Green Up?

Pet Lawn Green Up™ is a concentrated liquid soil amendment for dog and cat owners. Pet urine contains salt and ammonia, both of which can inhibit the ability of grass to uptake nutrients and water. If your soil contains a healthy volume of microorganisms, they will breakdown the ammonia to form nitrate nitrogen which allows your lawn to readily uptake nutrients. If Not, then Pet Lawn Green Up™ can assist you. Pet Lawn Green Up™ will repair these issues.




"Does Pet Lawn Green Up work?  Well, I used it and I'm a believer!"

-Kurt from Nebraska 
(27 days of treatment)

How do I use Pet Lawn Green Up?

There are two methods of applications to repair the spots:

1. Use a quality 32 oz. hose end sprayer if the lawn has a large area to fix or

2. Add 2-4 ozs of Pet Lawn Green Up™ to 1 gallon of water in a watering can and drench each spot and the surrounding area. The day after application, water for 10 minutes using a standard lawn sprinkler. Thereafter water the affected area 15 minutes once per week for 3 weeks.  Repeat as necessary.  


Within two weeks marked improvement should be observed in the pet spots and the area surrounding them. The third week the spots should be green and virtually healed.  Results may vary depending on the type of soil you have.


To determine the area of your lawn multiply the length by the width. This will provide the square footage, divide by 9 to determine square yards.


Application rate: Depending on soil conditions, it is recommended that 2-4 ozs may be used per square yard. Note: typically, 2 ounces of concentrate used in the hose end sprayer will remediate the problem area. For spot treatment 2-4 ozs may be added to a gallon of water in a watering can, and applied on the spots and surrounding area.

Important note:  Make sure your soil is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the Pet Lawn Green Up to work.  Results may vary depending on environmental conditions including type of soil and the number of pets you have.  Be sure to store the product in an environment with a temperature between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure best quality and product safety.


Whether you're a dog lover or a cat lover, your lawn will be taken care of with

Pet Lawn Green Up Logo.png

Order yours today for only

$49.95 plus shipping, handling, & tax.

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